2 NEW PlayStation 4 Models – Unveiling September 7th

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony Corp, seeks to entice customers with the release of two new models of its hugely popular gaming system. An announcement is schedule for as early as September 7 at the PlayStation Theater in New York.

The first of the two new models is speculated to be a redesigned version of the current model.  According to sources, this new rendition will be slimmer and cheaper than its predecessor.  This model comes on the heels of Microsoft’s Xbox One S which is on sale now.

Play Station 4 Slim (Photo Source: Independent)

Xbox One S (Photo Source: Microsoft)

The second of the two new gaming systems will be called the PlayStation Neo.  This will be an upgraded console that features, a powerful processor, better graphics and the ability to generate 4K-resolution graphics. 

Play Station 4 Neo (Photo Source: Independent)

The Neo will be the most expensive of Sony’s PS4 gaming consoles which may now consist of the PlayStation 4 Original, PlayStation 4 Slim, and the PlayStation 4 Neo.  Either way, this is good news for consumers who would have more choices when it comes to choosing an entertainment console.

Not to be out done, Microsoft is currently taunting their new upgraded system that is scheduled for the Holiday of 2017.  Dubbed “Project Scorpio – The most powerful console ever.” Microsoft reports this that console rises the bar when is comes to creating a truly superior gaming experience.

Stay Tuned.