2016 Cadillac ELR to Receive “Engineering Enhancements”, 2nd Gen Model Still on the Table

Cadillac’s $75,000 ELR plug-in hybrid/electric vehicle has turned out to be a sales dud, dealers have resorted to discounting the vehicles by as much as $19,000 (not including applicable federal and state credits/rebate), and company officials have admitted that the vehicle doesn’t compete with the Tesla Model S (even though former GM CEO Dan Aversion stated that the ELR would be in the “same postal code”).
In an interview with Edmunds, Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell said that the 2016 ELR would receive a number of “engineering enhancements” in order to make it more competitive with the current crop of “green” vehicles from Tesla Motors and BMW. Caldwell declined to provide further details on what those changes could be, but they will likely center around the Voltec platform’s performance and range, as the exterior and interior of the ELR haven’t drawn too much criticism.
In its current form, the Cadillac can travel up to 37 miles on battery power alone and has a total driving range of 240 miles.

In a separate interview with new Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen, it was revealed that despite the slow sales of the ELR, it would see a second generation.
“I am fascinated by the technology and completely convinced of the longer term potential,” Nysschen told Automobile Magazine. “I read (a news story) recently claiming there will be no ELR successor.”
“I can tell you that’s complete nonsense. Whether the successor to ELR is exactly a compact two-door coupe is still under evaluation.”
So the name seems like it will definitely make the cut, but we may see the vehicle transform into a “four-door coupe” which seems to be a popular category for luxury automakers (see: BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe, Mercedes CLS).

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