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3 Possible Smartphone Features for 2017

So, what is next?  That question is almost always the motivating factor behind leaks, rumors, and speculations. Sometimes you just need to look at the world of tech and make an educated guess.
Here are three possible new features that smartphones may bring in 2017.
1.   A smartphone is essentially a computer that fits in the palm of your hand.  Like computers, smartphones have a processor that is the brains of the operation. Computers use processors Computers run using a processor.  These processors handle the running of programs and do complex calculations.

Photo Source: Qualcomm
Current smartphone processors use 14nm technology. What’s next? An article by Android Headlines reports that Samsung has sights on 10nm processor technology. This means smaller processor, less energy consumption, and a more powerful smartphone.
2.   We have pretty much seen 4K Displays on TVs and monitors, so where could 4K make its next mainstream appearance?  While 4K video cameras are already in some smartphones, the Sony Xperia Z5 is the only phone that has a true 4K Ultra HD display.  We should definitely see an increase in this trend in the upcoming year.

Photo Source: Sony
Samsung smartphones are known to have excellent displays with their OLED touch screens. It is exciting to see what the Samsung
3.   Smartphones allow us to have a world of conveniences. Some of these conveniences required us to connect to other devices to enhance our experience.  One way to connect is via Bluetooth.

Earlier this year, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced that Bluetooth 5 would be coming late 2016 to early 2017.  Bluetooth 5 brings with it the following:
Increased Range – Current Bluetooth has a limited range of 200feet. Bluetooth 5 brings a range of 800 feet which will allow for connections to devices that extends further than ever before.
Increased Speed – More speed means faster data transfers and software updates., and broadcast messaging capacity.
Increased Broadcast Messaging Capacity – Bluetooth 5 now has the capacity to broadcast richer and more intelligent content.
For sure, smartphone manufacturers have lots more exciting innovations, improvements, enhancements, etc, that will be coming in the year.  We will be ready and waiting.

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