3D Blu-ray Update for PS3 Lands Next Week

PS3 owners who have been anxiously waiting for the update to come which adds support for 3D Blu-ray only have days more to wait. The Official PlayStation Blog has announced that the 3D update for the PS3 will land on September 21 and will be update 3.50. To enjoy the 3D Blu-ray titles the user will need a 3D TV and the appropriate glasses.

With the update available there will be an additional 38 million 3D capable Blu-ray players on the market. The new firmware will also bring a few other updates to the game console that haven’t been unveiled. In July of 2010 word that the resolution of 3D games for the PS3 would be capped to 720p in 3D mode. Those 3D games designed for 1080p resolution will be downscaled.

The 3D Blu-ray specifications were finalized in December of 2009. 3D has been one of the big technologies for 2010 with just about every major computer and home theater product maker offering up 3D gear. The catch for manufacturers is that consumer demand for the 3D products has not been as high as was hoped. Many consumers are waiting for more 3D content before they upgrade and for 3D capable TVs that don’t need glasses.