44 Percent of Twitter’s Total Users Have Never Sent a Tweet

Social networks and other internet services can gloat all they want about their number of user signups, but just because someone registers, doesn’t mean they’ll actually use it. 
According to PC Mag, Twopcharts — a third-party site that monitors Twitter activity — found that 44 percent of Twitter’s total users (about 947 million accounts) have never sent a tweet. 
Those who have tweeted at least a single tweet — which is about 550 million users — 43 percent sent their last tweet over a year ago. 
Further, only 126 million users have sent any kind of tweet in the past 30 days.
In the way of followers, about 391 million Twitter accounts have 0 followers while about 232 million users haven’t followed a single user themselves.
This is a little different from Twitter’s take on user numbers, which it claimed 241 million average monthly active users as of December 31, 2013. This represented a 30 percent increase from a year previous. 

But it’s possible that Twitter and Twopcharts are measuring different things. Twopcharts is just looking at accounts that send tweets — not any other activity, such as logging in and reading tweets. 

This is similar to what happened with Google+ early on. Its release in late June of 2011 had many Google fans and social networking enthusiasts buzzing about a potential Facebook rival. The number of members grew quickly for an invite-only service, hitting 20 million visitors by late July 2011. But as time rolled on, the buzz died off and many resumed their daily Facebook or Twitter-related digital lives while Google+ fell fairly silent. Reports stated that there were many accounts, but hardly enough activity.

When asked about the silent accounts on Google+, Google+ Vice President of Product Bradley Horowitz said that outside speculation “can’t grasp the ‘dark matter’ of Google+,” with dark matter referring to private sharing. This private sharing, according to Horowitz, contributes to two-thirds of all Google+ activity. 

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