A Few Technology Trends, Highlight’s of 2017

Today is out and there will be another follow-up days with interesting and amazing news. Today’s technology is past and an always-new adventure brightens the upcoming days. It seems like an end less horizon.  We have no chose but wait and see what comes next. 
As the products put to display at this year electronic show it looks like there are few major tech trends will be in store for 2017, from IoT and Smart Home Tech, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality), Machine Learning, Automation, and Physical- digital Integrations. Whether the fast past growth in technology is an improvement or harmful to people of the world.  It is obtuse that some of these makes life interesting such as Smart homes that merge your family’s lifestyle with the latest technology and management tools to make life easier than before. You could control not only TVs also appliances, security systems, just by using a smartphone or laptop.

Smart Home wall Controller
The Internet-of- Things (IoT) that resulting of smart home technology for years but because of so many competitions with no action delayed the smart home connectivity.  But now that user experienced bigger companies getting involved there is possibility of advancements on the coming year.
Intel machine learning project
With the current increase in IoT and connected devices, we now have access to so much more Data, this increase needs to be managed and understand what we know.
Intel platform is a computer –controlled machines and devices rely on artificial rely on artificial intelligence to act without being explicitly programmed. The ability to learn and change based on real-time information has led to fast web search, speech recognition and voice command.  As we all see in Autonomous cars, and smart home, and more. The ultimate goal is things to take place faster and safer.

Photo: Intel
5G: the communications Key to Autonomous driving
Some of these development while is going to be user friendly but will create more unemployment in some fields which I think it is going to be temporary, if we start learning the new technology that will require some training.   So it is time that we have to get prepared for a high tech future.