A Year After It Was First Announced, PlayStation TV Headed to U.S. for $99

Sony first announced the PlayStation Vita TV settop box over a year ago in Japan. The tiny device is roughly comparable in concept and scope to the Roku 3 and Amazon Fire TV.
We were initially expecting a U.S. announcement for the device — which has been renamed to just the PlayStation TV — to come down shortly after the Japanese release last year, however, that announcement never came. But Sony today is finally getting around to announcing the device for the U.S. market, and it will be priced at $99.99 — a price that matches its main competition.
That $99.99 price will get you a device that not only streams video content, but will also give you access to play any PlayStation Vita game on your big screen TV. Sony says that nearly 700 games will be supported at launch in the U.S. and Canada when the console launches.
For a price of $139.99, you’ll get the PlayStation TV, a DualShock 3 controller, 8GB memory card, USB cable, HDMI cable, and The LEGO Movie game. Sony also indicates that a special Walmart bundle will include all of the previously mentioned items in addition to Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for the same $139.99 price.

The PlayStation TV launches in North America on October 14, although you can pre-order direct from Sony here.