AAA Seeking One Week Ban of Texting While Driving

The American Automobile Association (AAA) wants a nationwide one-week ban on text messaging and cell phone communication, urging drivers to limit the amount of distractions they have to deal with while behind the wheel.

“Try it for a week; that’s all we ask,” AAA spokesperson Matt Skryja said in a press statement.  “It only takes an instant for a crash to occur.  We hope that by driving distraction-free for a week people can pick up the habit for life.”

Specifically, Skyrja, who represents AAA of Northern California, Nevada and Utah, said drivers will “pick up the habit” of safe driving if they have to do it for seven days.  AAA hopes drivers will listen — and the event will take place from October 5 to October 11 — but it’s unknown how many drivers will actually listen to the plea.

In addition to texting and talking, AAA also lists eating, reading maps or the newspaper, writing, personal grooming and talking with passengers as other activities that could lead to crash risks.    
Later this week, the Department of Transportation plans to hold a meeting to find new ways to publicize the dangers of distractions while driving.  A handful of states now have laws in place that prohibits texting and driving without a hands-free handset — though the actual enforcement of such laws has been rather disappointing — with legislators considering a nationwide ban on texting while driving.

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