Activision to Issue Guitar Hero III Wii Replacement Discs

For a game so intensely focussed on music, the Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock shipped for Wii with a rather unfortunate, but critical flaw. Although the first entry of the franchise on Wii advertises that it supports stereo sound output, with additional provisions made specifically for Dolby Pro Logic II, gamers quickly discovered that game only sends a monaural signal.

Dolby Pro Logic II is an evolutionary technology that is able to decode from a stereo source five separate full frequency channels that simulates true 5.1 sound output.

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the title do not suffer from the same flaw, as the systems are able to output true discrete surround sound in Dolby Digital 5.1. Guitar Hero III on the PlayStation 2 also advertises stereo output with Dolby Pro Logic II provisions, but does not suffer from the monaural audio flaw.

For discerning Wii owners, however, this oversight has many dissatisfied from the less than ideal aural experience that is Guitar Hero III. After months of silence, Activision has finally revealed its plans on how to remedy the situation for those who own the game for Wii. Unfortunately, such a fix will not be a simple issue of downloading a patch.

“We recently became aware that some consumers have not been able to enjoy the full audio output in the Nintendo Wii version of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. We are currently working with Nintendo and are planning to issue an improved audio experience in future versions of the game,” said Activision spokeswoman Rhy-Ming Poon to IGN. “We expect to have re-mastered discs available by early 2008 and we will be offering consumers replacement discs at no cost once they become available. We thank all of our customers for their support and patience.”

While Wii owners may have to deal with the hassle of disc replacements, it’s possible that Activision may see fit to incorporate some of the DLC from the other versions into the new Wii revision. Such new features as co-op quickplay and the boss battle track pack may find their way into the new pressings, though Activision hasn’t made any comments regarding any such additions.