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Adobe Shows Off “Edge” for HTML5 Development

Adobe has long enjoyed the distinction of being the company behind one of the most widely used types of web content on the planet with Flash. Adobe gave the software users need to view the Flash content on the web away for free, but charged developers to buy the software need to develop for the environment.

Once Apple launched the iPhone and iPad minus support and said it was embracing HTML 5 instead of flash, many fans of tech suspected that Flash was looking at the beginning of the end. Today Adobe has offered a glimpse for the first time at a new preview release of the HTML5 web motion and interaction design tool called Adobe Edge. The new design tool is going to allow developers to bring animation similar to that created with Flash to the web using open standards.

The standards that Adobe will be supporting in Edge will be those that Apple has been pushing for including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. The software has been previewed for developers much earlier in the development cycle than Adobe generally shows its software. In fact, the Adobe Edge software isn’t even in beta form yet. Adobe is offering the early look to get feedback so users can shape how the software works at an early stage.

“Over the last year Adobe has delivered on several significant HTML5 milestones including contributions to jQuery, submitting code to WebKit, and enhanced HTML5 output in Creative Suite® 5.5,” said Paul Gubbay, vice president of Design and Web Engineering, Adobe. “Now, with Adobe Edge, we’re taking our HTML5 tooling to a whole new level and look forward to getting some really useful feedback from the community over the next few months, as we refine the product.” 

The public Preview of Adobe Edge is available as a free download while it is in public preview. The software would be a paid product once it is complete and there is no indication of what the software will cost. Judging by the price of other Adobe software it will be expensive.

The Edge preview build works natively with HTML and allows the addition of motion to normal HTML documents. It is able to add the motion to normal HTML without affecting the existing CSS-based layout of a page. The software also allows the development of rich content using the drawing tools that developers are already familiar with.

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