After Three Days of Downtime, Apple Publicly Acknowledges Developer Site Hack

Apple’s developer portal – which provides access to everything from developer previews of upcoming software (i.e. iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 Mavericks), to registering iOS devices for testing, to submitting apps to the App Store — has been offline since Thursday (Apple initially only stated that it was undergoing routine maintenance).
Apple has been tightlipped about what exactly was going on with the site while developers were left scratching their heads.

Apple at first just suggested that the dev site was undergoing typical maintenance  
As the outage went on for a few days, speculation about what was going on behind the scenes began to grow. The folks over at Neowin picked up on the fact that a number of developers had taken to Twitter to state that they had received “Reset your password” notification emails from Apple, indicating that at least some user accounts could have possibly been compromised.
Well, Apple finally broke its silence today and sent out an email informing developers that an intruder had attempted to hack its system to retrieve personal information. However, we’re not so sure that “attempted” is the right word in this case, considering that a breach [serious enough to take down a site responsible for distributing crucial test builds of its two most important upcoming software products] appears to have taken place.

By Sunday evening, Apple came clean about what actually took place  
And while Apple tries to downplay the matter somewhat by stating that “sensitive personal information” wasn’t accessed, the company goes on to state that names, mailing address, and email addresses could be wide open for perusal (which would explain the password reset emails).
There is no word on how this security breach will affect the release of the fourth beta of iOS 7, which is expected to be released tomorrow.

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