Airlines Announce Ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

They went further to state that these devices should not even be packed away in luggage that is checked-in for travel.

Reports confirm that more airlines have followed suit. Here is the growing list of airlines that have banned the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s.

1.      Jetstar Airways
2.      United Arab Emirates and Etihad airlines.
3.      Singapore Airlines
4.      Qantas Airways Limited of Australia
5.      Tiger Airways
6.      Virgin Australia

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is an excellent smartphone and a true competitor to the iPhone 7 Plus. It is most unfortunate that the device had to be recalled due to faulty battery issues.  


To Samsung’s credit, the cell phone giant has really stepped up to the plate and taken responsibility for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issue and a lot has done a lot make amends for this unforeseen circumstance.


As soon as news broke about Galaxy Note 7s igniting and exploding, Samsung halted shipments of the Note 7, investigated the issues, and then announced a recall.

Samsung issued a statement saying, “our customers’ safety is an absolute priority”.

An exchange program has been setup to accommodate the speedy return of all Galaxy Note 7s. Through this exchange program, Galaxy Note 7 customers in the US have two options.

Option 1:  Exchange Galaxy Note 7 for new Galaxy Note 7.

Option 2: Exchange Galaxy Note 7 for Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge and get a refund for the price difference.

Bonus:  Customers get a $25.00 gift card

Samsung is still urging Galaxy Note 7 owners worldwide to immediately stop using their devices and return them.

Let’s hope the word get out before someone gets seriously hurt.