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“AirTV” Goes Head to Head with SlingBox

Recently at Global Tech News, we were able to get a sneak peak at a new media extender coming from a company called Interpoch. The new device codenamed AirTV, is looking to go head to head with the SlingBox but despite the similarities, AirTV does have a few of its own tricks up its sleeves.

The AirTV takes the concept of the SlingBox and expands upon it by adding RCA inputs and 802.11g wireless. This of course allows more media to be available to the device for distribution and allows more devices to connect to the shared media. The major and substantial difference between devices like AirTV and say TiVO or other DVRs and media PC’s is that Interepoch’s device merely rebroadcast content to other devices whereas DVRs store information for later consumption. A big component on how these devices accomplish this is software, and we have yet to take a look at what software AirTV uses since it is still in development stages. That doesn’t mean that media extenders can’t augment DVR devices however.

Pricing and availability of the AirTV unit isn’t currently known however we expect the device to ship later this year and be priced competitively with similar devices. Interpoch may also have to deal with broadcasting networks becoming upset, as Sling was recently called out by HBO over content copying concerns. Sling said that its device only allows viewing of content from different locations, and not actually copying and storing.

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