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Amazon Announces “Kindle Textbook Rental”

For those of you who’ve lived the college experience, you know that the expenses don’t end at tuition. Some may pay for room and board, and commuters may pay for parking passes. But one thing everyone must pay for are textbooks, and they certainly aren’t cheap.

Now, Amazon is looking to give students’ wallets a bit of relief by introducing Kindle Textbook Rental, which offers tens of thousands of textbooks from well-known textbook publishers like Elsevier, Taylor & Francis and John Wiley & Sons.

Kindle Textbook Rental allows for custom rental periods from 30 to 360 days, where a student only pays for the amount of time they need the book. This rental period can be extended at any time by as little as one day, and these books can even be purchased if the student desires to do so.

Also, the Kindle Textbook Rental service can save students up to 80 percent off on textbook list prices just by using the rental service.

“Students tell us that they enjoy the low prices we offer on new and used print textbooks,” said Dave Limp, vice president of Amazon Kindle. “Now we’re excited to offer students an option to rent Kindle textbooks and only pay for the time they need — with savings up to 80 percent off the print list price on a 30-day rental.”

In addition to allowing students to rent textbooks on their PC, Mac, Kindle or mobile device, the Kindle Textbook Rental service will allow you to store any notes or highlights you made into the cloud, which can be accessed from any device. This allows you to return the book after your rental period without losing that crucial information you noted.

“We’ve done a little something extra we think students will enjoy,” said Limp. “Normally, when you sell your print textbook at the end of the semester you lose all the margin notes and highlights you made as you were studying. We’re extending our Whispersync technology so that you get to keep and access all of your notes and highlighted content in the Amazon Cloud, available anytime, anywhere — even after a rental expires. If you choose to rent again or buy at a later time, your notes will be there just as you left them, perfectly Whispersynced.”

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