Amazon building fashionable AI

MIT’s Technology Review addresses that Amazon teams across the world are working on various tools to analyze social media posts with defined information, like a few labels, and figure out which looks are stylish and which are not. That information could then be used as Amazon establish which brands to place on its online marketplace and to quickly reproduce popular pieces for its in-house brands.

Amazon just a while ago held a workshop with the academic professors on the intersection of machine learning and fashion, as reported by MIT Technology Review, where these fine points analyses were revealed. Although, Amazon has undertaken a multifaceted fashion push in the last few years.

 The fashion measure point came last year when the company began rolling out a couple of in-house clothing brands. As of June, Amazon announced a new service called Prime Wardrobe that permitted online shoppers to select and ship a box of clothes, shoes, and accessories to their homes to try them on before buying.