Amazon Offers “The Washington Post” Free for Six Months to Kindle Fire Owners

Just over a year ago, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made the surprise decision to purchase The Washington Post for $250 million. At the time, people wondered how this purchase would relate to Amazon’s core offerings including the online storefront and the company’s hardware products.
Today, we’re getting a look at Bezos’ strategy, at least when it pertains to the company’s lineup of tablet devices. Amazon announced today that Kindle Fire owners will given six months of unlimited access to the digital version of The Washington Post for free.
But that’s not all; once the initial six months are up, Amazon will offer the remaining six months for just one dollar. After that point, Kindle Fire customers will be required to pay between $3 to $4 per month for access according to an article in — you guessed it — The Washington Post.
The tablet edition of The Washington Post will be feature-packed, with two editions published daily. Over 200 articles will be posted daily, with over a 100 new articles posting at 5am and again at 5pm.

 Kindle Fire HD 7  
The Kindle Fire app for The Washington Post is available now from the Amazon App Store.
“This unique app reflects the culture of innovation and experimentation at today’s Washington Post,” said Fred Ryan, Publisher and CEO for The Washington Post. “Our digital journalists and engineers are focusing on the multitude of ways to optimize the reader experience. With 42 million monthly readers and growing this is another step forward in our effort to serve an even larger national and global audience. We are thrilled to be working with Amazon to offer this first to Fire tablet customers.”
According to Kantar World Panel, Amazon currently has an install base of roughly 22.7 million tablet users. However, the company has also seen its share of the tablet market fall from 25 percent to just 18 percent over the past year as competition has heated up and device prices have fallen.
“Embedding into the Kindle family with a base of tens of millions of users, that’s a strategic move,” said Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey. “That’s trying to reach a scalable level where even if you’re only collecting digital dimes, the dimes are coming from many more people. And Amazon is in a position to deliver you an integrated experience.”

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