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The Ryzen 7 1800x is incredibly powerful 8–core desktop processor is the world fastest and high performance will be launched March 2nd. Its competition is Intel Core i7-6900K
This product is single threaded where the AMD’s multi thread works over the Intel design with half of the price, which is priced under $330 per order that  you could check with the followings retailers for a bargain:

Newegg, Amazon, Micro Center, Fry’s, Maingear (desktop), Origin PC (Desktop),
Cybertron (Desktop), iBuypower (Desktop), Best Buy, Xotic PC, Xidax, Velocity Micro, and TigerDirect.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700x again works over the Core i7 -6900K, which cost more.
But AMD Ryzen 7 1700 is most affordable Ryzen 8 8-core CPU has been overclocked   to 4GHz on all 8 cores. With decent boards and cooling for this $329 price and reported by Khalid Moammer that to be capable of outperforming the Intel’s $1050 i7 6900K.

These are the information from The AMD but for detail benchmarks you have to wait until March 2nd  
The discovery of seven Earth–size planets
Seven Earth-size planets round a nearby star, TRAPPIT-1 , is an exciting news. But what would it take to visit one of these potentially Earth-like alien worlds? According to a report the TRAPPIT-1 is 229 trillion miles from the Earth and will take 39 years with a speed of light to get there. Where there had been no spacecraft built that can travel that fast.  And could be best bet to find alien life.
Google and jigsaw puzzle out AI fix for toxic comments
It is reported that, Google and its Alphabet corporate sibling Jigsaw, a technology incubator, launched a machine-learning tool that weeds out the nastier comments.  
UN takes aim at ‘wasteful’ plastics in world’s oceans
Without urgent action there will be one tone of plastic for every three tones of fish in the ocean by 2025, experts warn.

to get involved in Sky Ocean rescue, visit the campaign website

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