AMD Announces G3MX Technology

AMD today announced its new memory technology to compete with FBDIMM – Socket G3 Memory Extender, or G3MX, technology. G3MX technology allows for larger memory capacities in Opteron-based systems while using regular JEDEC spec memory.

The company plans to support standard DDR3 memory with its G3MX technology. The use of standard DDR3 allows AMD to offer large memory capacities while keeping it cost-effective. AMD does not reveal if G3MX will require registered ECC DDR3 modules or standard desktop DDR3 memory.

G3MX technology should benefit enterprise-class servers used for databases, virtualization and other memory-intensive tasks, according to AMD.

AMD has collaborated with IDT and Inphi for G3MX technology development. IDT and Inphi plan to sell G3MX components when the technology hits future Opteron platforms in 2009.

“G3MX technology opens new opportunities and options for IDT to continue the company’s leadership in advanced memory interface solutions,” said Jimmy Lee, senior vice president and general manager for the IDT timing solutions group. “By establishing an easy and affordable way to increase the total memory footprint, AMD has again established itself as a valuable partner in the industry.”

Expect G3MX technology to grace Opteron platforms in 2009.