AMD Not Dropping ATI Brand

Our good friends at Ars Technica have a small expose on the incessant vibe of AMD rumors.  Although several sites have picked up the story that AMD will eliminate the ATI brand after the merger between the two companies is complete, this is quite frankly false.

The original source of the story has posted a retraction, claiming “AMD has no plans to drop the ATi brand name or ATi’s product brands. The ATi name will live on at AMD as our leading consumer brand, and so will the Radeon brand and other ATi product brands. AMD’s executive management knows very well the power and value of branding, and ATi’s branding is some of the most valued in the global technology industry.”

When the ATI-AMD merger was announced, AMD President Dirk Meyer also stated that ATI would simply become a division of AMD, and that there would be no shuffling of brands around in the immediate future. 

Recently, a fever pitch of rumors surrounding AMD’s “Reverse Hyper-Threading” was also dismissed when it was discovered the original source of the rumor was a poor translation of a future README file to an AMD dual-core optimization utility. Who is taking bets for the next major rumor?