AMD Prices “Barcelona”

AMD sent out pricing information for its upcoming quad-core Opteron 2300 and 8300 series processors to its partners and distributors. The company plans to launch nine new quad-core processors later this month with clock speeds ranging from 1.7 GHz to 2.0 GHz.

Only two thermal bins are launching with the long-awaited Barcelona – standard and HE bins. Standard bin processors have 95-Watt TDPs while the HE bin processors have lower 68-Watt TDPs. AMD’s high end SE bin, which typically has a 120-Watt TDP, will not join the launch lineup.

AMD’s two-way capable quad-core Opteron 2300 series launch with five new models – 2350, 2347, 2347 HE, 2346 HE and 2344 HE. Pricing for the two-way capable models start at around $206 and go up as high as $372. Quad-core Opteron 2300 HE models command an approximate $60 premium over standard models, clock for clock.

AMD Opteron 2300 Series

Frequency TDP

2.0 GHz 95W$372

23471.9 GHz 95W$312
2347 HE
1.9 GHz 68W$372
2346 HE
1.8 GHz 68W$251
2344 HE
1.7 GHz

On the multi-way side of things, AMD has four quad-core Opteron 8300 models ready for launch – the 8350, 8347, 8347 HE and 8346 HE. The multi-way models have a $688 cost-of-entry and top out at around $1,000. Unlike the Opteron 2300 series, the 8300 series HE models command an approximate $110 price premium.

AMD Opteron 8300 Series

Frequency TDP

2.0 GHz 95W$1,004

83471.9 GHz 95W$774
8347 HE
1.9 GHz 68W$861
8346 HE
1.8 GHz 68W$688

Expect AMD to launch its new Barcelona quad-core Opteron 8300 and 2300 processors later this month for server and workstation markets. Desktop users will have to wait until Q4’07 for AMD’s Phenom to experience quad-core.