AMD Tightens Organization Focus on Microprocessor, Graphics Innovation and Platform Leadership

In its latest effort to better compete with Intel, AMD has combined its microprocessor and graphics chips business units into a single department, a long overdue move that could have been done on numerous other occasions.

AMD purchased ATI three years ago, with analysts curious to see if AMD would be able to benefit by competing with Intel and NVIDIA.  AMD graphics chip executive Rick Bergman will be responsible for controlling the sector in the future.

Bergman has been the executive in the Graphics Products Group, with AMD executive Randy Allen leading the Computing Solutions Group.  Allen was granted the job after the last major AMD reshuffling that took place around 12 months ago.

“We are tightening our focus on delivering the winning products and platforms our customers want based on AMD’s industry-leading microprocessor and graphics technologies,” AMD CEO Dirk Meyer said in a statement.  “The next generation of innovation in the computing industry will be grounded in the fusion of microprocessor and graphics technologies.  With these changes, we are putting the right organization in place to help enable the future of computing.”

Almost three years after the initial deal, most analysts now say AMD should have rolled the CPU and GPU businesses into one single organization immediately after the buyout.  It should be interesting to see if this move is too little, too late, as the company continues to struggle against Intel and NVIDIA.

AMD has undergone several different executive shakeups stemming from the Barcelona chip launch disaster in 2007, which gave Intel even stronger control of the market. Former company CEO Hector Ruiz was replaced in the most drastic AMD shakeup that took place last year.

As AMD prepares for the future, the company applauded Microsoft Windows 7, with company representatives saying they’re looking forward to the consumer launch of the OS later this year.  In March, AMD launched the Windows 7 unified graphics drivers bundled with ATI Catalyst 9.4, and will continue to work to ensure its hardware works well with Windows 7.

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