AMD, Zen Processor might power the upcoming Apple MacBook Pro

By B. Saimin

AMD’s a custom, SOC Design with HBM2 Memory System.
For a long time Apple MacBook Pro series has been featuring a mix of U and H series processors, Usually, both tiers get their graphics updated with performance extent around in the same time but with Kaby Lake, the High-performance models might be challenging.
There are rumors that Intel would be starting a new line of CPU family known as
Kaby Lake. These CPUs will be available in several variants. Where, MacBook Pro’s looking for reliable and faster graphics performance and that does not seem to be the case in with Intel new processors

Picture, Hassan Mujtaba

AMD may offer latest Zen Architecture custom chips in 2018. Then Apple prefer to use AMD products if Intel unable to meet their requirements in the graphics.
AMD even may take advantage and by featuring their latest GCN Cores and add High Bandwidth Memory (HBM), (cache /system subsystem) for Apple.
AMD’s HBM chip, Google

AMD’s new processor is a Hybrid (combination of two different elements) with a highest and faster performance.  APU is mix of CPU and GPU in one. 


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The GPU is graphic processing unit, which occasionally called visual processing unit (VPU), is specific for electronic circuit designed to rapidly control and alter memory to accelerate the creation of images in a frame buffer and makes ready for output to a display.  On the other hand

GeForce 6600GT (NV43) GPU
Where the word VPU came from being challenged, Nvidia got interest on the term GPU in 1999 and marketed the GeForce 256 as “ the world first Graphics processing Unit”, it was introduced as a single- chip processor combined with transform, lighting, triangle setup/ clipping and layout engines. Competing ATI Technologies
Rounded the term “Visual Processing Unit “ or VPU with the release of the Radeon 9700 in 2002.   

The GPUs can be present on a video card, or it can be embedded on a motherboard.
AMD may ship limited numberof Zen FX Processors in fout quarter of year 2016 and full volume availability in early 2017.  Where at a meeting AMD CEO stated  that their focused on the server launch for first half of 2017 , Desktop should launch before that.  The true volume ability may be in first quarter of  next year and some limited towards the end of the year 2017.

AMD shipments of Zen product are an indication of readiness for their new processor lineup in the desktop PC market.  AMD Zen Core will put to work in Desktops, Laptops and Server platforms. 
AMD Zen 8- core CPU will hit the market on October, new Zen – based FX processors set for 2016 last quarter, with the APU –variant show up in the market in 2017
The AMD processors will have different code names and will also be sectioned into different release dates.