Ancient Aliens? 11.2 Billion Year Old Solar System Discovered

Mankind has been looking to the heavens in wonderment since the dawn of time. One of the most prominent questions over the millennia has been, are we alone? The evolution of mankind and science through the ages has led us to establishing organizations such as the SETI Institute, and NASA’s Kepler program to help us search for clues to help us answer these questions.

In the latest edition of the Astrophysical Journal, an international team of scientist from Europe, Australia and the United States has released news that they have discovered a solar system almost as old as the universe itself. This newly discovered system is about 11.6 billion years old, which considering the age of the universe estimated at 13.8 billion years, makes this the oldest system of terrestrial sized planets discovered to date.

Artist rendering of Kepler-444 and its 5 planets [Image Source: NASA]
NASA’s Kepler spacecraft carried out observations of the system, named Kepler-444, which resides in the Lyre Constellation, over a period of 4 years. The 5 planets discovered in the system range in sizes between Venus and Mercury making their orbit around the star in less than 10 days at a distance of less than 1/10th Earths distance from our own sun.

NASA’s Kepler Planet discovering spacecraft [Image Source: NASA]
Scientists believe that the age of the system and its time of creation may represent the possibility of ancient life in our galaxy as well as marking the beginning of the planet-forming era for our galaxy.  The Kepler research satellite has been one of NASA’s most successful efforts, and has helped astronomers spot hundreds of probable planets in distant solar systems since its launch in 2006.

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