Android Wear Gets Some Lollipop Lovin’ in New Leak

Lollipop updates rolled out yesterday for second generation Motorola Moto G and Moto X smartphones and even for users with Nexus devices. LG G3 users in Poland were treated to the new operating system earlier this week, and further updates are coming from heavyweights like Sony and Samsung.
But while the previous Lollipop updates have been aimed primarily at smartphones and tablets, we can’t forget that Android Wear devices will also be the target of the update in the near future. Phandroid was able to get its hands on not only the Lollipop-compatible version of the Android Wear companion app, but also a copy of Lollipop for Android Wear devices (in this case, it was installed on a Motorola Moto 360).

Some new features in the companion app include the ability to see the battery usage information for your smartwatch, similar to what you already see with the battery monitor on Android smartphones. This will allow you to easily track which apps are eating away at your smartwatch’s battery life. Likewise, a new storage monitor provides a way to monitor the minuscule 4GB of storage space that is included on today’s Android Wear devices.
There are also changes to the watch face API, new watch faces that come by default with Android Wear, the newfound ability to “recover” accidentally dismissed cards, and new screen brightness controls (including the ability to put your smartwatch’s display into “theater” mode so that you don’t annoy other moviegoers while you’re trying to watch “Dumb and Dumber To”).
According to Phandroid, the new Android Wear 5.0 update is due to launch over-the-air (OTA) next month.