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Apocalyptic Video Games Delayed/Cancelled Due to Japan’s Disastrous Events

The tragic events that have occurred recently in Japan have caused video game developers to delay or even cancel upcoming games that display apocalyptic themes.

On March 11, an 8.9 to 9.1-magnitude earthquake occurred near Northeastern Japan, leading to fire, blackouts and tsunami. According to The Telegraph, 550,000 people have had to evacuate their homes, 2,414 have been confirmed dead, and 15,000 people are unaccounted for. The death toll is expected to reach beyond 10,000.  

As if that wasn’t enough, more trouble lies ahead for those in Japan. The recent natural disasters have caused four reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant on Japan’s northeastern coast to spew radiation. Now this nuclear accident is being classified as a level six on the international scale of one to seven. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 is the only event in history to be classified as a level seven. 

These disastrous events have claimed the lives and homes of several Japanese citizens, and those who have loved ones in Japan have been affected as well. Out of respect for those who have survived the earthquake/tsunami and for those who have lost someone during these events, certain video game companies have decided to delay, and in some cases cancel upcoming video games that feature themes of disaster. 

Sony has postponed the PlayStation 3 racing game “MotorStorm 3: Apocalypse,” which consists of user’s racing through different areas that are being destroyed by natural disasters. The game was due to be released in Europe and Japan this week, and in the United States on April 12. While the U.K.release is still being discussed, it is unknown whether the U.S. release will be postponed as well. 

Sega has also delayed one of its apocalyptic-themed games, titled “Yakuza: Of the End,” which is another game made for PlayStation 3. This action-adventure game takes place during a zombie outbreak in Tokyo, and is the most recent addition to the “Yakuza” series.  

In February, Capcom released “Marvel vs. Capcom 3,” which is a crossover fighting game for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Its plot contains apocalyptic themes of world domination, and Capcom has decided to delay the downloadable characters Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath in Japan.

While many video game companies have decided to delay certain games or characters, Tokyo-based video game developer Irem is the first to completely cancel one of its games due to the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. The game is “Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4,” better known as “Disaster Report 4” in the U.S., and it is a PlayStation 3 game that was set to launch in Japan this spring. But this game in particular seems to resemble the current situation too much, with an earthquake destroying a city in the very first scene. 

Many video game companies are showing their support for those in Japan through these actions, and are also sending sizable donations to the recovery effort. Nintendo, which does not have any apocalyptic-themed games to delay or cancel, issued a statement in response to the large amount of support Japan has recent in the last four days.  

“We appreciate the concern shown in the aftermath of the recent disaster in Japan,” said Nintendo’s statement. “We can confirm that at this time it appears that no one from Nintendo in Japan was injured and there was no apparent structural damage to our company headquarters in Kyoto and other offices and facilities in Japan. Business operations, including future product shipments, have not been affected. Our thoughts and best wishes are with everyone who has friends and family members who may have been affected by the earthquake or tsunami.”

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