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Apple 13″ MacBook Pro Owners Reporting Possible SATA Speed Caps

Some Apple 13″ MacBook Pro owners have been left confused due to slower SATA connection speeds than expected through their laptops.

The MacBook Pro laptops in question are supposed to see speeds of 3Gbps, but some owners have been capped at just 1.5Gbps.

“I just checked my system information and the SATA connection is reporting 1.5 Gigabit as the speed,” a post on the Apple support forums reads.  “I discovered this when I benchmarked my Vertex 60GB SSD and noticed that the speeds were a lot slower than before (I used to have a 15″ umbp).  This is a huge disappointment and very surprising.”

It’s unknown if this current problem is an accident, or if Apple is intentionally shipping laptops with these storage speeds intentionally.  Some users on the Apple support forums think it’s an honest mistake, while others are suffering disbelief that Apple would intentionally cap the SATA drive speeds.

Traditional mechanical HDDs don’t seem to be affected much by the 1.5Gbps connection, but some owners of high-end SSDs are pretty irate about lower than expected read speeds with the latest 13” MacBook Pros. 

The thread posted at Mac Rumors is more than 30 pages in length with numerous pages of clutter, though there is some interesting reading material available.  Global Tech News sent over an e-mail to the Apple support team, but will likely be told no comment until an official statement — if Apple wants to release one — is made.

If you own a 13″ MacBook Pro and have found your SATA interface is downgraded from the expected 3Gbps down to 1.5Gbps, Global Tech News would like to hear from you.

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