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Apple: 700 Million iPhones Sold, iPhone 6/6+ Have “99 Percent” Satisfaction Rate

Apple, Inc. (AAPL) delivered a brief update on the health of the iPhone platform at smart watch + MacBook unveil event.  In addition to the newly announced ResearchKit SDK, it offered up some key figures about sales and growth.

Among the interesting items of note:


  • 700 million iPhones sold since 2007
  • 49 percent year-to-year growth in 2014, vs 29 percent industry average
  • 99 percent customer satisfaction rate w/ iPhone 6/6+

The sales data isn’t particularly surprising, but the satisfaction claims are, given the issues the iPhone 6 had with bending and various iOS 8 bugs.

Apple has always had high device satisfaction — typically leading the pack.  Part of this is thanks to Apple’s efforts, part of it is thanks to its customers’ brand loyalty, which at times borders on obsession.  Still 99 percent is a pretty lofty figure — incredible if true, but warranting skepticism.

Apple Pay

  • The 700,000 capable retail points (checkouts, vending machines, etc.)
  • 100,000+ Apple Pay compatible Coke vending machines by end of 2015

Apple Pay continues to hum along and should take off further, thanks to its status as a key selling point of the Apple Watch.

Progress of new iOS 8 SDKs

  • CarPlay
    • Support by every major auto manufacturer
    • Shipping on 40 new vehicle models by end of 2015
  • HomeKit
    • Slow start, but Apple promises new devices by the end of 2015
  • Health
    • 900 apps are now dedicated to tracking your health and fitness in iOS

Apple didn’t exactly wow with the adoption details of these SDKs.  

While they haven’t exactly taken off, it appears to be relying on a slow and steady approach.  Blockbuster or not, with Google Inc. (GOOG) and other rivals positioning themselves in the health (see: Google’s acquisition of Nest Labs) and automotive sector, Apple is wise to be doing the same.

[Image Source: The Verge]
The CarPlay seems particularly promising given that some automakers are surely eyeing Apple as an escape route to BlackBerry Ltd.’s (TSE:BB) QNX Hegemony.  Of course Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) might have something to say about that.

All said, there weren’t any huge surprises in the iPhone/iOS health report, but it’s nice for Apple to update us on its view of some finer details.

Apple also announced that the upcoming availability of iOS 8.2, the official release for Apple Watch support.  In addition to full support for the new device, the new build of iOS will pack a number of bug fixes, according to Apple.

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