Apple Announces 7th-Gen iTunes

At its special invitational-only conference today, Apple announced several new products that include refreshes to its iPod family. Along with the iPod, Apple is also introducing a new version of its popular iTunes software. Available for both OS X and Windows XP, iTunes version 7 will include three new expanded views for managing songs and videos. List view, album view and cover-flow view are new to iTunes and integrates album art along with song information for quick searching. iTunes will also now download album cover art for free if users have an iTunes account.

One of the biggest features of the new iTunes software is that users will now be allowed to sync their iPods to different computers. As long as the user owns the account and authorization on the computers, their iPod will no longer be wiped.

The new iTunes will also support new H.264 encoded videos. Apple says that videos downloaded through iTunes will now be encoded at 640×480 instead of the previous 320×240 resolution. Increased resolution is definitely a step forward for Apple because today, Apple is announcing that its iTunes service will now offer full-length feature films.

iTunes version 7 is available free for download today from Apple.

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