Apple Announces $85.95 iPhone Battery Replacement Program

When the Apple iPhone was first announced, one of the major criticisms of the device was its lack of a user-replaceable battery. With the complaints levied against the batteries used in Apple’s iPod music players, the thought of not being able to replace the battery in a cell phone weighed heavily on many minds.

Apple looks to put some of those worries to rest with its announcement of a battery replacement program for the iPhone. Should your iPhone’s battery ever need replacement, Apple will do the deed for $79 plus $6.95 shipping. Apple says that the repair will take three business days not counting shipping to and from the repair center.

All data on your iPhone will be erased when you send it off, so Apple suggests that you backup all of your important information with iTunes before sending it off.

Considering that an iPhone sent in for servicing could be out of the owners hand for as much as a week or more (including shipping time), Apple has another program in place for customers. If you absolutely can’t live without your iPhone, Apple will rent you an iPhone for $29 while your device is being serviced.

In the end, it seems like a pretty big hassle for what could be accomplished with a simple, user-replaceable battery. Hopefully, Apple will take this into consideration for the 2G iPhone.

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