Apple Changes Pricing for Digital Music

Apple is making a big change to its pricing structure for iTunes music downloads. The company today announced a variable pricing structure on songs that will see many new tracks moving to a cost of $1.29 per track in a move that is sure to have been spurred by the records companies desire to reap more profits and control pricing on iTunes.

CNBC reports that Apple is basically pushing a 30% price increase on consumers at one of the worst economic times in decades. The rub is that many Apple fanatics won’t balk at the newly increased prices according to CNBC.

As of today, there are now three price points for digital tracks on iTunes with songs selling for 69 cents, 99 cents, and $1.29. Prices for individual songs will be based on the title’s popularity. The vast majority of the music will likely have a 99 cent price tag, and Apple claims that for every one track that had a price increase, ten songs will be cheaper.

CNBC says that it was unable to find a track on the iTunes store with a 69 cent price tag.

Ten cheaper tracks from unpopular bands will not offset the increase in price of the majority of new music that music fans are looking for on a regular basis. However, other digital music stores like Amazon MP3 Store still sell tracks for 99 cents which offers bargain shoppers an easy alternative.

The price changes don’t appear to affect movies on iTunes including the new HD offerings.

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