Apple HomePod – Coming in December 2017

Apple HomePod is a very powerful speaker that pretty much follows the same concept of other home speakers for Google and Amazon. HomePod has powerful speakers and actually adapts to wherever it is playing. Just like any other speaker it plays music.  Apple Music works with HomePod to give you access for up to 40 million songs right in the comfort of your home – one of the world’s largest music catalogs.

Photo Source: Apple

Apple HomePod is cylindrical in shape with a curved top and bottom and covered with a seamless mesh fabric.  It comes in a black or white and is just under seven inches tall so it can sit just about anywhere you choose.

Photo Source: Apple

The Apple HomePod speaker is designed to produce high quality sound wherever is it placed in the room.  In order to bring you the highest-fidelity sound, HomePod features the Apple-Designed A8 chip The A8 chip coordinates superior buffering, upmixing of both direct and ambient audio, beamforming, and advanced echo cancellation.

HomePod features Siri so you get everything that Siri does and much more.  You have timers, clocks, measurements, translation, news, sports, weather and traffic. Apple HomePod works with Apple’s HomeKit to control most compatible appliances, lights, air conditioners, garage doors, and security cameras.
Here are the SPECS:
Apple HomePod CPU Apple A8 Chip Audio Technology ·        High-excursion woofer with custom amplifier
·        Array of seven horn-loaded tweeters, each with its own custom amplifier
·        Six-microphone array for far-field Siri and room sensing
·        Internal low-frequency calibration microphone for automatic bass correction
·        Direct and ambient audio beamforming
·        Transparent studio-level dynamic processing Wireless ·        802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi with MIMO
·        Multiroom speaker support with AirPlay 23 Languages English (Australia, UK, U.S.) Dimensions ·        6.8 inches high (172 mm)
·        5.6 inches wide (142 mm) Weight ·        5.5 pounds (2.5 kg)