Apple iPad Pro 2018 model may have this iPhone X feature


Now Ming-Chi Kuo Apple’s KGi Securities analyst prediction is that the upcoming lineup of Apple iPads will have TrueDepth camera for the year 2018 model iPads.  Therefore the upcoming iPads will feature facial recognition.



Mac Rumors reports: Kuo said that Apple will do so in order to offer similar user experience for iPhone X and iPads. Rumors further added that Apple is trying to build a new ecosystem by doing this.  This feature will be limited to high-end iPad Pro lineup only. 


It is predicted that the new Face ID feature in 2018 iPhone models.

The company’s new iPad with ID feature will be launched on March of next year.

Apple’s anniversary edition iPhone is ready to go pre-order in 55 countries starting October 27 and it will hit the retailer’s stores November 3rd.  


Apple has priced iPhone X , which comes with two storage size of 64GB at $999and 256GB at $1149. According to RBC research, 57 percent of buyers are interested in the high –end variant and explains that despite Apple increasing the amount of storage consumers get at the entry-level price point, consumer preference is shifting towards wanting even more (via Business Insider).


The research shows that 75 % of iPhone customers interested to purchase iPhone with 256GB storage verses 45% iPhone 8 buyers who went to 256GB. RBC suggests that, because of the desire to have 256GB storage, iPhone-selling prices will increase.


Daryanani says this is partially driven by the people who desire to “buy the ‘best’ iPhone available, despite significantly higher pricing than any other iPhone in the past.”  Still when it comes for the iPhone purchase there are many factors gets involve: – affordability –storage size  need- or because of the increasing reliance on the cloud with features like iCloud  or Apple Music streaming. Soon we will find out what was the effective factor on purchase of iPhone X