Apple MacBook Pro Connector Catches Fire

Hopefully, this is just an isolated case. A Dutch man had a pretty bad run in with Apple’s new “MagSafe” power connector on his MacBook Pro. Here’s Apple’s take on MagSafe:

The new power adapter with MagSafe connector is just that: a magnetic connection instead of a physical one. So, tripping over a power cord won’t send MacBook Pro flying off a table or desk; the cord simply breaks cleanly away, without damage to either the cord or the system. As an added nicety, this means less wear on the connectors.

In this case, the MagSafe connector caught on fire and burned both the power adapter and MacBook Pro beyond repair. Luckily for this user though, Apple was quick to respond to the issue and is sending him a new unit ASAP:

“Apple support responded very well (thanks Klaas) and fast. Before I called our local Apple support line, the dutch engineers were already contacted by their US colleagues (who saw the pics) to inquire if I already called in. I’m getting a new MacBook asap and I will return my current one.”

The pictures on the right were originally posted to flickr by the MacBook Pro owner, but were asked to be taken down by Apple while they investigated the issue.