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Apple Offers Refurbished 5K Retina iMacs for $2,119 Online

Released in Oct. 2014, Apple, Inc.’s (AAPL) “Retina” 27-inch iMac turned some heads with its dense “5K” display (5,120 x 2,880 pixels; 218 ppi).

In addition to doubling the pixel density of its non-Retina counterpart, the flagship all-in-one PC brings other improvements to the table including a pair of Thunderbolt ports, by default a 1 terabyte “Fusion” hybrid SSD (available only as an upgrade previously), and an Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) R9 M290X (2GB of GDDR5) — a substantial step up from the non-Retina model’s NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA) GeForce GT 755M (1GB of GDDR5). Not surprisingly Apple has been pretty stingy with discounts; the price remains frozen at the launch price of $2,499 USD.  A handful of retailers have dipped lower, trimming as much as $270 USD off the device (selling it for $2,229 USD).

Now Apple has oned-upped the discounters offering the computer for only $2,119 USD on its new “refurbished” section — a decent discount of $380 USD (15 percent).  Could Apple’s sweet deal be enough to lure in PC diehards?  (Remember, you can always put Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) Windows on a Mac.)  It’s hard to say.

But one thing is for sure.  Looking at eBay, Inc. (EBAY) listings, I wasn’t able to find a cheaper price used/refurbished Retina iMacs (to be fair, there likely aren’t that many available given the newness).  That makes Apple’s deal about the best offer in town for the Retina iMac — at least for now.

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