Apple patented a pizza box, for pizzas.

Apple’s brand-new campus is starting to open up to employees, and Wired got to step inside for an early look at the incredibly elaborate building, with excessive architectural touches that make sure that rain does not streak on glasses and using water cooling so that the air conditioning rarely kicks on because Steve Jobs hated fans.


But perhaps the true standout detail from the place is that Apple invented its own pizza box for its cafeteria, obviously couldn’t settle for what was already out there. The container is more of a pizza circle than a pizza box, and it’s sized for personal pies. Wired says it’s meant for letting employees carryout pizza back to their workplace.



Apple’s big innovation here is placing a numbers of holes in the lid of the container for allowing air to escape, and help to avoid sogginess in the pizza crust. According to report, Apple applied for a patent on this pizza box seven years ago, and it seems that it has been used at existing campuses. The Guardian dug up showing in tweet that one of the pizza boxes signed by apple employees after Jobs’ death.