Apple placing bets on LG’s display for an upcoming foldable smartphone


Also, it is pointed out that is LG ready to produce rigid flexible printed circuit boards or RFPCBs for smartphones.  The report says that Apple could be launching its foldable smartphone by 2020. LG will get time to build a market for flexible OLED screens that may bring LG into Cupertino providing another possibility to Samsung in terms of display.


There is rumor that Apple could bring as much as $2.6 billion in LG’s new display plant, but the deal has not been finalized yet.


Foldable smartphone will take some time to be developed. Samsung could be the first one to come with a foldable screen as soon as next year.


According to a report, the Samsung’s new smartphone named ‘Samsung X’ has passed South Korea’s NRA certification or National Radio Agency. The highlight of the product is said to be foldable screen. It is reported that the model number SM-G88NO and internally it is called ‘Project Valley’.     


Associated press reported earlier this month that, Koh Dong-jin president of mobile business at Samsung Electronics seemingly confirmed that a foldable smartphone is coming 2018. At the moment there was mention of company being faced with some difficulty in making the final product with foldable display, if the problem does not get solve soon then the handset arrival day may pushed back. Also it was mentioned that the smartphone will have Galaxy ‘Note’ brand.