Apple Plans In-Store Workshops to Teach Users How to Use Its Smartwatch

Apple Plans In-Store Workshops to Teach Users How to Use Its Smartwatch

Much like Ford Motor Comp. (F) did with MyFord Touch, Apple, Inc. (AAPL) is planning a set of workshops to educate consumers on the user interface of its new device.  In Apple’s case it will be demonstrating how to use its new wearable, the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch’s controls are a somewhat bewildering mix of touch, tactile knobs (the crown), tactile buttons (also on the crown along with the secondary side button), force touch (pressure sensitive multitouch), and “glances” (orientation tracked responses).  Most of this is wholly new to the wearable and while a lot of it seems promising, it’s also a lot to digest.  Likewise users will have to adjust to new kinds of output, including trying to read and process information on the very small screen, as well as what the watch’s taps on the users’ wrist (the “Taptic engine”) mean.

There’s actually two workshops currently announced by the Cupertino company.  Both are held at its Apple Store retail outlets.  The first is entitled “Apple Watch Basics.”  The second is entitled “Stay in Touch with Apple Watch” and focuses more on the connectivity aspects of the watch.

Both sessions have a couple of strict entrance requirements.  To participate customers must have been among the roughly 957K customers to preorder the watch.  Reportedly Apple has cancelled in-store supplies of the wearable and has warned of delays in pre-orders.  While only a fraction of the customers who pre-ordered are expected to get the watch shipped to them on the official launch day (April 24), the gadgetmaker “graciously” will allow the customers who have pre-ordered but not received their wearable to attend the workshops on it.  However, all Apple watch preorder customers must own an iPhone to attend.

Apple describes the session, writing:
Bring your Apple Watch — along with your iPhone — and get familiar with your most personal device yet. We’ll show you how to get started using Glances, gestures, watch faces and more.
The sessions last roughly 45 to 75 minutes.

The sessions are only available at a limited set of Apple Stores, but will presumably grow to broader availability as inventory of the device becomes more broadly available later this year.  You can register for the sessions either via your Apple Store app (on an iOS device) or by visiting certain Concierge webpages from Apple.  The sessions were first spotted by Apple-centric leaks site MacRumors.