Apple Recommends iTunes Users Wait on Vista

Apple is recommending that iTunes users wait before upgrading their PCs to Windows Vista, the latest operating system from Microsoft.  While iTunes can work on Vista computers, Apple knows of some compatibility issues that need to be resolved, and will release an updated version of iTunes “in the next few weeks.”      

Known issues include iTunes Music Store-purchased songs and videos not playing and contacts and calendar entries not syncing properly to iPods.  The most troublesome issue is that iPod users may corrupt their iPod when ejecting it from a desktop port by using the “Safely Remove Hardware” feature on the Windows tray. 

Microsoft spokesman, however, said that possible iTunes compatibility issues should not stop consumers from switching over to Vista.  Microsoft reportedly has a team working with Apple solely to get iTunes working properly on Vista.

Microsoft and Apple are partners working together — for example, Windows version of iTunes and Microsoft Office available for Macs — but the two companies are also heated rivals.  In fact, they have been nipping at one another the past several days, after Bill Gates criticized Mac ads that have been showing on TV.

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