Apple Snags 91% of Over $1,000 PC Market

Apple is certainly one of the most popular brands in the computer market. The company, however, often catches flack for the high price of its offerings. The company’s Mac computers have a reputation for being higher-end products and catering to the more affluent buyer. The high price is the biggest barrier to entry to Mac notebooks.

Apple reported its latest sales figures this week and had some very impressive gains. The company sold a whopping 5.2 million iPhones along with 10.2 million iPods. Apple slipped in the latest rankings of the top computer makers in the U.S., but according to a new report the company owns a huge portion of the high-end PC market.

BusinessInsider reports that Apple holds 91% of the $1,000 and up computer market. With most users moving towards netbooks that sell for under $500, the over $1,000 computer market is a coveted prize by most computer makers.

In May of 2009, Apple reportedly had 88% of the $1,000 and over computer market and held 66% of the same market in Q1 2008. The overall average selling price in the U.S. for a computer in June 2009 was $701. The average selling price for a PC was $515 while the average selling price for a Mac was $1,400.

BusinessInsider reports that the small price cuts by Apple last month on MacBook models increased sales of Mac systems, but overall revenues shrank because of the price cuts.