Apple sued because of iPhone 6 Touch Disease

According to eWeek, you know your iPhone has touch disease when a gray bar appears along the top of the display after it becomes unresponsive losing functionality. 

Photo Source: Gigazine

As you might imagine, this is a major problem since the iPhone’s user interface is built around the multi-touch screen and virtual keyboard.

Photo Source: How Stuff Works

According to iFixit, the company that coined the phrase “touch disease”, the problem occurs when the touchscreen ICs (integrated circuits) become loose over time and lose contact between the touchscreen and the iPhone’s main board. 

Photo Source: Gigazine
Touch disease is caused by simple regular use which mean that nearly every iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owner could possibly experience this problem.
No one knows exactly how many iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones are affected by this epidemic, but problem is spreading and is currently the leading cause of failure for this device.
Reports say that Apple has been aware of this problem for months and has been issuing refurbished iPhones as one solution or replacing your device with a new one as the other solution.  Three less than happy iPhone 6 owners came up with a third solution.
U.S. plaintiffs, Thomas Davidson of Pennsylvania, Todd Cleary of California and Jun Bai of Delaware, have now filed a class action law suit against Apple alleging that the company knew about the flaw with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus but elected to withhold such information from the public.  According to MacRumors, the plaintiffs have accused Apple of being unfair, deceptive, and engaging in fraudulent business practices.
Given the increasing number of touch disease cases, there is certainly a chance for this law suit to go viral and turn into a class action law suit which is exactly what the plaintiffs are hoping for.
So far, Apple has not responded to any request for comment on the lawsuit.