Apple Sues Creative, Again

In an interesting turn of events this week, Apple Computer has filed yet another countersuit against Creative Labs. After Creative launched its lawsuit against Apple several weeks ago, claiming that Apple had infringed on patents it owns in regards to the interface used in iPods, Apple decided that it would stand up and fight back, throwing a countersuit at Creative. According to Creative, it owns the rights to the user interface that iPods use, saying that it had invented it several years ago for its Zen line of portable MP3 players. Upon the news, many users lashed out at Creative, indicating that Creative had acted as a patent troll.

The new countersuit from Apple claims that Creative infringed on Apple’s own patents that involved displaying of data, editing of mobile data on a desktop PC and computer icons.  The number of patents total up to four currently, and Apple doesn’t seem to be holding back. No information from Apple was given on whether or not the company wants to pursue even more infringement allegations but it this week, Apple’s stock performance has been improving while Creative has been suffering.

Creative responded this week to reporters saying that Creative already expected Apple to file countersuits and that Creative has already allocated the necessary resources to defend itself from Apple. Lately, Apple has been in the courtroom quite often, first with The Beatle’s holding company, Apple Corps. for ordeals involving iTunes — which Apple Computer won. Later, Apple was seen in court with the Electronic Frontier Foundation; a case in which Apple ended up losing trying to obtain rights to getting source information from journalists.