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Apple Watch 2 – Coming September 7th

Apple’s big event in San Francisco is now only 4 days away which brings us closer to the revealing of the long awaited Apple Watch 2.

The latest leaks contain details about the Apple Watch’s bigger battery, thinner display, and GPS chip.

Electronic shop Byte posted a video on YouTube that shows the unboxing of a new Apple Watch 2 and compares it to the Apple Watch 1.  There are several noticeable differences between the two watches.

According to Byte’s video, the Apple Watch 2 has a thinner screen which reduces the overall thickness of the watch by about 20 to 40%.  Could this thinner screen also incorporate steps to avoid the dreaded touch disease that is plaguing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners?  Let’s hope so.

Photo Source: Byte

There is also a major battery difference between the wearables.  The Apple Watch 2 will have a thicker battery.  The Apple Watch 1 has a battery with 0.94 watt hours while the thicker Apple Watch 2 battery has 1.28 watt hours. A thicker battery with more watt hours could mean more capabilities.  This certainly lends support to speculations that Watch 2 may come with GPS.  

Photo Source: Byte

Other video leaks report an increase of RAM from 512MB to 1GB of RAM.  This should reduce lag when browsing through the interface.  More RAM allows for more apps to be suspended in the background.  In terms of processor, the Apple Watch 1 came with the Apple S1 chip.  The Apple Watch 2 will have the new Apple S2 chip.  The chip is reported to be the ARM Cortex A32 which makes it a 32bit device.  It will be about 25% faster and have lower power consumption. 

Photo Source: Byte

Other speculated features may include increased water protection, a FaceTime camera, and new sensors that measures blood oxygen levels for the wearer.

All of these features and improvements make this an excellent product to compete with lineup of Smart Watches currently available on the market.

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