Apple Watch 3 – Connection Issues, Don’t leave your iPhone home just yet.

According to reports, the Apple Watch Series 3 has problems with its ability to make phone calls and access data. Early reviewers have concluded that the problem stems from a Wi-Fi glitch.
Apple has confirmed that Apple Watch Series 3 may experience LTE connection issues when it connections to public Wi-Fi networks that include hotels or coffee shops.
Amy Bessette, Apple spokeswoman, said that Apple is, “investigating a fix for a future software release,”.
Another issue with Series 3 is the very low battery usage time while making calls. Even though the smartwatch was announced as having 18 hours of battery life, it has been reported that the Series 3 only got about one hour of battery life when on a cellular phone call.

Photo Source: Apple

As far as we can tell, the other features appear to work fine at this time. The watchOS4 boosts improvements that allows apps to run faster and be more responsive than ever. However, some of those apps were designed to take advantage of built-in cellular capabilities, but will surely be impacted by the current cellular connective glitch.