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Apple Watch faces Smartwatch competition from Fitbit, Garmin and Samsung at IFA

Three vendors had new Smartwatches at IFA that run none of the Google or Apple’s software.



Two of those three can offer something that neither of Apple or Android Wear watch delivers now: the Battery life that extends to multiple days instead of requiring nightly recharge.




The Garmin’s Vivoactive 3 looks most promising and like Apple Watch. It has GPS and a heart rate monitor and can make NFC mobile payments and also run apps from its own store. This device is available for pre-order and priced under $300 or $330. There is a price difference depending on configuration.


This .46” Wristwear is barely thicker than the Apple watch. The vivoactive 3 display always shows the time instead of being dark when it is idle. Garmin claims that it will run as long as a week between charges in smartphone mode or 13 hours with the GPS active.  This device features GPS, a heart rate monitor, NFC mobile payments, and notifications from Android and iOS phones


Garmin’s hybrid Smart Watch vivomove HR is priced under $200 for a sport model and under $300 for a Premium version. This .46-in thick timepiece combines hand movement with an embedded OLED display to track the activities, shows the heart rate and presents phone notification.



Garmin’s V . HR smart watch does not support GPS, NFC or battery. But it runs up to five days in smartwatch mode, or two weeks as a regular watch..


The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is priced at under $300 and scheduled to hit the market in October. This device has heart rate monitor, GPS, NFC, and also Android and iOS smartphone notifications support. But it has a shorter battery life with all time active GPS (four days of battery life shortened to 10 hours). The Ionic also features 2.5 GB of memory to hold music files. 


Samsung is another completion for Apple that introduced its Gear Sport Smartwatch to the market. The company did not announced price or shipment date.




The gear Sport supports GPS, Samsung Pay mobile, and Android or iOS notifications. This device is waterproof up to 50 meters down and comes with 4GB of apps and music storage.



Samsung did not mentioned of the battery life but it may have about 31 hours in its default mode. While a stripped-down “ power saving “ mode listed a run time of 89 hours. This would put Samsung’s ahead of Apple’s wearable unless Apple advances its upcoming smartwatch battery life.   

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