Apple’s iPad Woes Continue, Users Now Reporting 3G Connectivity Problems

Apple announced its third generation iPad early last month, and customers began receiving their units soon after. Shortly after Apple’s latest tablet was launched, there were complaints of the device getting much warmer than the iPad 2 during normal use and complaints that the larger internal battery resulted in much longer battery recharging times.
More recently, owners of Wi-Fi only iPads were reporting on connectivity issues (weak Wi-Fi signals, slow download/upload speeds). Apple issued an internal AppleCare document instructing Apple team members to “capture” customer iPads that were brought in with this diagnosed problem.

Now, however, it appears that the LTE-capable version of the third generation iPad is also experiencing connectivity problems. According to Apple Insider, the problem is mostly affecting international users of the iPad who have to connect using 3G and U.S. users that don’t have LTE coverage. Users are reporting that they all of a sudden lose their internet connection and cannot reconnect without doing a hard reset (powering down the iPad completely, then powering back on).
Some users are reporting that they have to cycle power three to five times per day. 
While Apple has issued a document on the Wi-Fi problems as stated above, the company has yet to issue a similar document for the 3G connectivity problems. But rest assured that Apple will issue a public statement saying that the Wi-Fi and 3G problems are not widespread and only affect a “handful” of customers.

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