Apple’s New iBooks 2, iBooks Author Apps Hit 440,000 Downloads Combined in First 3 Days

Apple’s New iBooks 2, iBooks Author Apps Hit 440,000 Downloads Combined in First 3 Days

Just last week, Apple unveiled its efforts to reinvent the textbook via two new apps called iBook Author and iBooks 2, and both have gained significant popularity in their short time since release.

IBook Author and iBooks 2 launched January 19 at Apple’s education event at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. IBook Author is Mac software that allows textbook writers and publishers to create textbooks specifically for the iPad while iBooks 2 is a sequel to the iBooks app that provides students with textbooks on the iPad as well as new study options like note-taking.

Global Equities Research, which provides research in global equities with a focus on near-term to long-term trends, has been keeping its eye on Apple’s latest educational offerings via a proprietary tracking system. According to its findings, Apple’s two new apps are already a huge hit.

Global Equities Research’s tracking system determined that there were 90,000 downloads of iBooks Author within the first three days of availability while 350,000 textbooks were downloaded from the iBooks store within that same period of time.

The new textbook apps seem to be a winner for all parties involved, since iBook production costs about 80 percent less than print publication according to Global Equities Research. With supply chain markup on textbooks between 33 and 35 percent, cutting out the middlemen between the publisher to the retailer and instead delivering digital textbooks from the publisher to the student via iBooks will present considerable savings.

The textbooks in iBooks 2 are high school level books that are starting at $14.99 or less for now. These prices will increase over time as the selection expands. The books offered in the free app come from publishers like Pearson, McGraw Hill and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, which combined make up 90 percent of textbooks available.