Apple’s Online Store Overhaul is Accompanied by Hiring Binge

According to reports, buying software for a Mac computer may soon change dramatically.  Apple, Inc. is reportedly preparing for a shift to an online-only model of software sales, ceasing software sales at its retail stores.  The company has also in recent months unveiled new business-oriented service plans, discussed major changes to iTunes, and forced consultants to cease independent operations.

Amidst these many announced and unannounced changes, the company appears to be going on a hiring spree, to help keep up with its goal of an increasing online presence.

A recent job listing reads:

Help build the next-generation Apple Online Store!

We are looking for highly motivated, creative and entrepreneurial Software Engineers to deliver projects aimed at advancing the hugely successful Apple Online Store. We are looking for senior-level engineers with demonstrated experience delivering advanced solutions in a multi-tier, distributed environment.

A shift to fully internet-distributed software (Mac App Store) sales would be one possible explanation for Apple building a “next-generation” sales portal.  Regardless of the precise reasoning behind the decision, an online overhaul is consistent with the aggressive pace of retail changes Apple has been embarking on over previous months.

The results of the overhaul could be seen as early as Apple’s annual summer developers conference – WWDC.  More likely, though, the changes would be announced in the back-to-school timeframe when Apple often airs computer refreshes and other changes. 

In the software industry Apple has a reputation for being one of the toughest companies to work at, due to the company’s obsessive monitoring and uncompromising demands to employee performance.  However, a campaign at Apple is also known as a strong mark on one’s resume and a perfect launching pad for managerial/executive positions at other firms.

In related news, a separate report indicates that Apple will slash the number of hardware products (as well as software) that it offers in-store at its retail locations.  That shift would reportedly be designed to open up additional space for in-store setup.  Mac-specific printers, scanners, and potentially hard drives would all switch to online-only sales, according to those familiar with the plan.

Game titles would be slashed from approximately 32 per store to about 8 titles.  The games would be shifted to the Mac App Store.  MobileMe, Apple’s cloud-based syncing and storage service is also rumored to be in for a major overhaul.

Apple has been cheered by strong sales from the Mac App Store, but it has yet to fully resolve piracy issues with the Mac App Store.

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