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Are farm children less likely to have allergies and asthma in adulthood?

By B. Saimin
According to findings that were reported, kids who lived in farming environments were less likely have allergies and asthma in their adulthood life.
The journal thorax reported the results of an international study also found that women with a farm upbringing were more likely to have stronger lungs.
These findings were remarkably consistent across many countries. These effects may not be relating to society but it would be biological effect of environment and diet.  As background information in the study points out, the incidence of asthma and allergies has risen dramatically in recent decades. 
Many theories have been proposed for this increase, including the so-called hygiene hypothesis, (states that a lack of early childhood exposure to infectious agents) increases susceptibility to allergic diseases by putting an end to development of the immune system and leads to illnesses.
Researchers also found that children raised within a large family were less likely to develop hay fever, it is possible that they were exposed to more germs.  Where the similar result came out from the children living on farms.  But more research needs to be done.
Study details

  1. Researchers analyzed data collected from more than 10,000 people, ages from
  2. 26 to 54who had volunteered.
  3. Volunteers were asked about their socio living and environment as well as if they shared the room or had cats or dogs. Even the size of school classes, and day-care or nursery they attended
  4. Each participant was tested for lung strength and sensitivity to allergens.
  5. Each participant asked if their family member or personal have had; hay fever, asthma, or bronchial hyper – responsiveness. (Over-reactive airways)

Key findings

  1. 65 percent had lived n a rural area, small town or city suburb before the age 5
  2. and 27 percent had spent their early childhood in an inner city, other 9.2 percent had been raised on a farm.
  3. The farm raised adults were 53 percent less likely to be sensitized to allergens than the urban raised ones.
  4. The people who were raised in a village, town or suburb were only slightly less likely to have asthma or hay fever as and adult, and no less likely to have allergic nasal symptoms, than those raised In a city
  5. Found no difference in lung function, only one woman had strong lung function
  6. Overall there is no evidence, that a life style is reason for hay fever, asthma, and allergies

After all still it not clear that what causes this disorder in some people. May be there is need for more research.

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