Are you in the market for a private antenna?

This antenna has been around since 2012.  The rotor built in to this antenna makes changing its direction easy. If you use this unit outdoor there is possibilities that signals may not maintained well during the rain and snow. However it maintains signals well in the attic apace.  The company claims that antenna signals reaches as far as 125 miles away but as far as we know at 35-45 miles away reaches well.
This antenna comes with dual TV output and Remote controlled UHF/VHF HDTV antenna rotates 360 degrees to receiver the reception.
Here is another LAVA HD8008 ULTRA 4K 1080
Rated by Antenna Deals five star.

This antenna features 1080p high Definition and Ultra 4K rotates 360 degree Omni –directional antennas receives signals from all side at the same time. Could be used outdoors or in Attic. According to a report, it supports up to 8 TVS.  This Powerful inline amplifier included Anti-UV Coating and waterproof.   

According to the company claim this antenna receives shows from almost every networks depending on your location and Media market, the number of channels may vary.   

Of course most of todays antenna depending to the location has quality transmission for limited numbers of channels. All comes to point that what you want to watch. There are many other antennas with low price in the market that might be a solution for your needs such as “Holisouse HDTV Antenna 50 miles indoor, Amplifies digital indoor, and more”

This Holisouse HD indoor antenna 50Miles range does fairly good, so does CLEARSTREAM2.