Are you ready for this ? HyperDrive Aircraft

By B. Saimin

Could this be the first nuclear powered airliner?

Currently, you would have to sit in a plane for eight or more hours after taking off from London Heathrow airport bound for New York’s J.F.K airport.  Even first class travelling may not be fun in this case. 
Imagine if you were told that within three hours someone could rush you over Atlantic Ocean and put you at J.F.K NY in a very comfortable plane as if you were in first class.  Imagine if this were done with a speed of around 2300 mph / 3,682Km/h.
The Flash Falcon, looks like a spacecraft from the video game franchise Halo “said
Stephen Dowling:

Aircraft designed by Oscar Vinals
“The giant Aircraft would take up 250 passengers at three times the speed of sound,” said Oscar Vinals. And he imagines that the Flash Falcon, would carry 250 Passenger at Mach 3, in an airframe 130 feet (39 meters) longer than a Concorde and with a wingspan twice as wide. Its engines would even be able to tilt up to 20 degrees to help the aircraft take off and land like a helicopter. 
Oscar Vinals, thinks nuclear fusion could be the best future source to obtain great amounts of electric energy.
I, think all of his statements are questionable according to reports nuclear power plant accidents in Fukushima in Japan. Six happened in the US and five in Japan. The UK and Russia have had three apiece.  But how serious are they?  The International Atomic energy Authority Ranks them using especial Scale (INES) ranging from 1 to 7
Where seven indicates a major accident.  
The Fukushima accident was a level 5 tragedy that had been posted around the world. So far, there are only been one level 7 accident in the history: Chernobyl in 1986. 
We all more and less are aware of effects nuclear accident has in the environment and human.    Also, we were told that nuclear powers are environmentally friendly. If I am not mistaken that is called green energy as well.  So what if I assume that a nuclear fuel plane crashes on a house or in the water.  Would the neutrons and fallout produced by nuclear fission result in other unknown objects? Then what!!!!
Is it going to pollute the environment and harm the people?

This Flash Falcon would be able to take off and land like a helicopter, thanks to its    
moveable engines, said (Oscar Vinals)
And he says that “he is working on many projects such as Tokamak, lter, and Stellarator and he is very optimistic that within next five to seven years we will have the first stable and productive fusion reactor.
The nuclear fission reactors was developed on 1950s that was used at homes and ships which later on by reducing the size they could use to power the submarine
Same technology was use on long-range nuclear bombers, that to keep longer time in the air.

The US Air Force looked at converting B-36 bombers with a nuclear power plant
(Credit: Getty Images)